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eluded them from all responsibility. But it did not confine its
autocracy to political matters ; it proceeded to attack the Muslims
in, every branch of their material and spiritual life. A great
campaigu was launched to enforce the use of Sanskritized Hindi at
the expense of the Persianized Urdu ;* the schools were dominated
in a manner so ruthless that it v/ould have aroused the admiration,
of the Nazis, Muslim children being compelled to stand up and
salute Gandhi's picture ; the Congress flag was treated as the flag
of the whole nation ; justice was universally corrupted and in some
provinces the police were so perverted that to this day the Muslims
refer to them as Hhe Gestapo'; arid in business matters the dis-
crimination against Muslims, from the great landowners and
merchants to the humblest tillers of the soil, was persistent and

The best proof of these allegations is the fact that when war
broke out and the Congress ministries resigned, Mr. Jinnah. the
President of the Muslim League, called for a Day of National
Thanksgiving to mark the end of the tyranny, and this day was
fervently celebrated all over India by the vast majority of the
Muslim population.

So much for Rerun's first condition—the "rich heritage of
memories/ binding men in love, companionship, and commoix
pride. It would appear that the Muslims and the Hindus; are
hardly qualified to make any strong claim to such a heritage*


And Kenan's second condition.. /the longing to live together,
to do great things together' ?

This question has already been, largely aixswered by the fore-
going facts, but since it cannot be answered too emphatically, we
will pause to reinforce the argument.

The Hindus and the Muslims are "longing to live together* in

precisely the same degree as the French are longing to live with

.Jthe Germans or the Americans are longing to live with the

" * The Muslim resentment of this campaign cannot be fully appreciated unless it

L in the ~     "

is realized that the Koran is written in the Persian script.